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my weekly updated SHINee fanfiction collection.
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20th-Jan-2030 09:11 pm - Welcome!

I am a SHINee fanfiction writer because I love SHINee! And all SHINee fans deserve to dream things, don't we? ;]
So I've decided to put my thoughts to work and produce these lovely stories for you! They include band members x band members, the five "shinees" we love the most- Minho, Taemin, Onew, Key and Jonghyun! These stories DO contain adult concepts.
Please leave a comment or send a friend request to be added! If you would like a preview of what you get from adding me, read the example below. :)
My updates are usually public, so make sure you also see the date.
I try to update weekly, but hey, we all have lives.
If you have questions of any sort- feel free to PM me or contact me in any way!
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25th-Aug-2020 12:23 am - VOTING - BROKEN POLL FIXED!
Yesss someone said it was broken so I tried a new server and this one works for meee ~_~
here's the original message, I just wanted to repost it so you guys know to vote on this one instead:
My fanfics are based on your votes! I pick the top three winners <3 !
What pairing would you like to read about the most?
Minho x Taemin
Minho x Onew
Onew x Key
Onew x Jonghyun
Jonghyun x Key
Taemin x Key
Jonghyun x Taemin
Jonghyun x Minho
Key x Minho
Onew x Taemin
The Whole Band
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31st-Dec-2009 12:04 pm - christmas gift ♥ (part one)
yeah yeah it's 5-6 days late but I've been bored lately and I remembered my fics!

Christmas Gift
so 2min, onkey and jongkey won this week -claps-
don't forget to keep voting for your fics <3
i'm thinking about hiring a write (we can share this acc?) so I don't have to keep updating and forcing myself to get over writer's block ;-;

"Ooh~ Thanks hyung!"
Taemin tore at the wrapping, dressed in his new penguin pyjamas. Minho smiled weakly as the boy took out his new shirt and lunged a hug at him.
"Oh hyung it's pretty!" His eyes sparkled with affection.
"Open mine," Jonghyun said, tossing his box onto Key's lap. Key grinned and answered, "Hope it's not a pack of condoms." Jonghyun faked astonishment and gasped, "How'd you know?"
Key opened the box without much further thought and smiled. "Thanks for the pants. I suppose now you can gawk at my package wherever I am?" Jonghyun got up and stretched.

The presents were opened and wrapping thrown away. They all snuggled under a warm blanket, watching Home Alone.
"What a mean family," Taemin said, then looked up at his lover. "You'd never abandon me, right?" He rubbed up against Minho and wrapped his arms around him tighter.
"I think you're the one who won't abandon me." Onew laughed as Taemin blushed.

Key was cooking the Christmas dinner-a giant turkey- when Onew came up behind him and nibbled his ear.
"Not now, baby," Key giggled and gave him a gentle push.
When the turkey was safely in the oven and stove turned off, Onew used his arms to hold Key close. "How about now?"
"Sure, but shh! They're in the living room."
Maybe it was the excitement of just having sex while the others innocently played games, but Key felt more pleasure as he bent over the countertop.
Onew fumbled around with his new pants for a moment-shit, he grumbled- but was able to unzip the fly and reached over for Key's. Key allowed him, turning his back to Onew but being very close.
"Fuck Taemin for buying us these new pants. I can't figure out the goddamn buttons." Key giggled at Onew's frustration and friskyness. Finally, he unhooked Key's fly and let out a breath.
"Nnnnn~" Key whimpered, and bit back his moans. Placing his head down, he braced himself against Onew's thrusts. Finally, Onew finished and stepped back, holding onto a counter.
"That turkey smells about done," Key said brightly, ignoring the throbbing pain in his ass.

In the living room, Minho was sitting on the end of the couch, only to have Taemin sit down on his lap.
"I'm trying not to die by aliens, here," he said, leaning to the side and trying to play his game. Taemin pouted and said, "I'm more important, don't you think?"
Minho sighed and passed his controller to Jonghyun. "Play for me while i tame this horny thing down." Jonghyun chuckled but responded, "If you two are going to fuck, go upstairs."
"Yes we are, right hyung?" Taemin's fingers teased the tip of Minho's member that stuck out from his new jeans. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees, right in front of the couch, and reached up for the zipper.
"I'm RIGHT freaking here. Jesus." Jonghyun's voice cut through.
Taemin waved him away, "Go play somewhere else!"
Jonghyun sighed and got up from the couch, and called, "Key~"
When Jonghyun left (With his hands around Key's waist) Taemin smiled and whispered, "We can get down to business."
Minho didn't reply, but leant back his head and closed his eyes. Taemin reached up, and unzipped the zipper. He took his mouth and took it all in one mouthful. Minho grunted and grabbed a handful of Taemin's hair. He coughed and choked at the sudden force.
"Be soft, Minho, I might choke," Taemin said innocently.
"I don't give a flying fuck," Minho said and continued to groan at Taemin's soft lips and tongue.
Warm liquid filled Taemin's mouth as he leant back and wiped his lips. He looked up and gave his hyung and hug and a kiss.

31st-Dec-2009 11:39 am - LOL HIATUS
Taemin 2

don't worry, i'll attempt posting soon (~_~)
1st-Nov-2009 08:28 am - Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat
sorry again! -falls over-
minho x taemin and onew x key aaand jonghyun x key won this week! i'm going to make fanfics based on yer votes.
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"Can we go now?" whined Taemin.
Jonghyun turned to his counterpart, who was dressed up in a simple devil's outfit. He himself was an angel, Key was a cat, Onew was a dog, and Minho just decided to stay back.

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3rd-Oct-2009 07:42 pm(no subject)
Key 2
(trying to make up for two weeks lost of fanfic-time XD)
School's Starting - Part Three
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Taemin lay panting on the bed as Minho slid off and pulled on his pants.
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2nd-Oct-2009 05:32 pm - School's Starting - Part Two
Taemin 2
(sorry, someone's been lazy the past two weeks ; A; )
School's Starting - Part Two
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Jonghyun eased himself out of seat, only to be stopped by the teacher.
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11th-Sep-2009 05:01 pm - School's Starting part one
(everyone cheer with me...HIP HIP HOORAY)

School's Starting - Part One
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4th-Sep-2009 10:33 pm - UPDATE: SORRY+RAGE
to everyone: I'm sorry I havent updated in almost a month, and i was going to post something but somehow it messed up and like AN HOURS WORTH OF TYPING WAS LOST ARGHHHHH
I've gotten messages asking me to update and stuff and I have eager readers but I'm suuuper sorry D:

17th-Jul-2009 09:15 pm - Happy Birthday Taemin

Candles. Cake. Presents. Hugs. Pictures and poses.
It was his birthday.
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it's short but oh well. Happy (early) Birthday Taemin!
oh yes~ a gift for Taemin fans ^^

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